The Salvation Army



Kia ora, and welcome to The Salvation Army!

Whether you are an employee or a volunteer it's great that you have chosen to work with us, and want you to receive all the information that you need to get underway and begin helping us to change the world.

This website is just one part of your orientation process, and you should also ensure that you also have a time organised to meet up with your manager and talk about what their expectations are for you, what your expectations are of them, and any information related to your specific role and location (like where emergency exits and bathrooms are). Your line manager should be your first port of call for any questions, but you will also find a whole list of other people who are ready and willing to help you out throughout this introduction. Once you have finished all of the introductory pages you will find a whole host of extra information in the 'other information' tab, so be sure to check that out as well.

Our mission statement is to 'care for people, transform lives, and reform society' and so we want to thank you for all that you are going to do to make this happen.

Ngâ mihi nui.